Old version required for BuildAssemblerLibrary

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Jul 25, 2010 at 7:29 AM

I'm just loading SandCastle and DocProject for the first time. I'm a complete newb on this topic, but I've tried to read the docs to ensure I don't miss anything. (It's ironic that the documentation for creating documentation is so difficult to find. Has someone in the community written a book on all things related to SandCastle and DocProject and other associated packages?)

I have the latest DocProject v1.11.0 RC Dated 2008/June/8.

I have Sandcastle v2.6.1062.1 2010/June/23:

I loaded SandCastlePatch_Jun2010_2_6_10621_1_Rev1.zip

I created a DocProject which failed to build at step 10 with a file missing exception. From the following blog page it looks like I may have needed to GAC SandCastle assemblies.

I did this and now the build aborts at step 7 (Build Assembler sandcastle.help1x.config). Given the option to debug the issue, VS says the SandCastle assemblies (or dependencies) are not the ones that are expected.

It's looking for v2.4.10520.1. The current BuildAssemblerLibrary is v2.6.10621.1 (as are the other Sandcastle assemblies).

So do we try to recompile DocProject from source with the latest SandCastle (no clue what that entails yet).
Or do we need to get an old version of SandCastle?


Jul 25, 2010 at 8:07 AM


No books of which I'm aware.  You'll find all documentation on DocProject here and additional info on Sandcastle here and here.  My blog also has some info but it's probably not as useful (as you've already discovered).

DocProject doesn't support the latest release of Sandcastle yet.  Use the Sandcastle May 2008 Release instead.  This has not been documented, so I'll correct that now.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Be sure to completely uninstall the current version of Sandcastle first.  If you've manually added assemblies to the GAC don't forget to remove those as well.

After installing Sandcastle you'll have to create a new DocProject or DocSite.  Your existing projects will no longer work.

Note that the latest release of the Sandcastle Styles patch probably doesn't work correctly with DocProject 1.11.0.  You may be better off not patching Sandcastle until I can release a version of DocProject that is compatible with the latest patch.

- Dave

Jul 25, 2010 at 7:31 PM

Yup, May 2008 is 2.4 and that allowed the build to complete. I now have docs and will be looking around for the best ways to render the output. I understand there is Namespace#, H2Viewer, and some others. Everything is a research project. I'm hoping this path leads to an understanding of how to render content in a way that's pleasant to view and effective to navigate. I just wish the info weren't scattered all over the internet...

Sincere thanks to you, Dave, for all of your work in this area!!

May 12, 2011 at 2:18 PM

Hello. I have successfully used DocProject with the latest release of Sandcastle. It works fine if the reference to BuildAssemblerLibrary (v2.4.10520.1) have been redirected to (v2.6.10621.1). You can do this with Microsoft. Net 2.0 Configuration Utility (from the control panel Windows).