Cannot connect to the MSDN webservice while executing BuildAsembler

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Jan 3, 2007 at 10:09 PM
(This thread has been copied from an email conversation that I had, with permission from the author)

I figured out the workaround after googling a bit... I had to change the sandcastle.config file slightly. There is an option for resolving links that needs to be changed from "msdn" to "none". Now your tool works; I was able to successfully generate a .chm..... thanks so much for your work on this project and sorry for being an annoyance.


I found the problem after looking at the trace; apparently I can't connect to the MSDN web service while executing BuildAsembler. I wonder if there's a workaround that doesn't require me to make web service calls.


Info: ResolveReferenceLinksComponent: Preparing to query MSDN topic URL web service.
Error: ResolveReferenceLinksComponent: An error occured while attempting to query the MSDN topic URL web service. The error message is: Unable to connect to the remote server Non-zero exit code: 1

Please go ahead and move my inquiry to the forum you mention below. I hadn't looked at a trace from the build to see where the failures are occurring, but was going specifically off of which files were generated by your document project template in a demo project I was testing with. I noted that all the necessary files were generated up to the, etc. but that the files I expected to see that are generated by XslTransform weren't present.

I'll send you some updates as I progress. I only started working with SandCastle yesterday to put together a talk for the .NET User's Group in our area. I was frustrated with the command line approach to generating .chm files and was impressed with your solution and would like to see it work more cleanly.

Thanks for your interest in the project.

You say that it fails when it gets to the XslTransform step, however, it executes XslTransform multiple times. Is it failing the first time that XslTransform is executed?

What does the build output from Visual Studio look like? Does it contain any diagnostic information such as an exception message or error number?

Also, I'd like to know what version of Visual Studio you're using so I can track whether the problem is dependent on your particular version.


I've been attempting to use your VS 2005 addin, but I find that something fails everytime it gets to the step where you use the XslTransform to create the various files used by the Help Workshop to generate a chm file.

I'm trying to take a look at the source to see if there's anything obvious that I'm missing in how my system is configured.

Have you had anyone else contact you regarding this problem??