Sandcastle Build Component Templates 1.2

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Updated: Feb 26, 2008 by davedev
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Release Notes

The target release date is later this week.

  1. The basic item template will be the same.
  2. The hosted item template was refactored slightly to provide better separation between host-specific interfaces and the *Configuration class.
By decoupling host services from configuration one can plug-in any host implementation, although it does require more effort on the part of the developer to keep them separated. Separating host services from the configuration class is optional, of course, but the initialization-paths mechanism mentioned in this blog post is no longer part of the template. In its place, the Host class simply creates a specialization of itself for DocProject, which is provided by the item template. The advantage is that other developers can simply delete the DocProject specialization and the static factory method that uses it (in the Host class) in order to rebuild the source code for other hosts (or, as it stands currently, for use without any host.).

If your component is open source and you want other developers to be able to rebuild the source code easily without support for DocProject, then this new version will be helpful; otherwise, the previous version of this template provides the same architecture and features so there would be no reason to rebuild an existing component from this template.