DocProject Extensibility Samples 1.0

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Released: Mar 6, 2008
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Release Notes

This release consists of a single Visual Studio 2005 class library project and C# source code that provides various extensibility samples for use with DocProject.

TeamBuildEngineProvider Sample

This sample corresponds with the Creating a Build Engine Provider tutorial.

The code provides a working example of a custom build engine provider that can be used by new DocProjects and DocSites. The provider plug-in allows a user to configure a network share and individual project sub directories in which team files can be stored. The build engine automatically imports files from the project's shared Snippets folder into a DocProject or DocSite during builds. (Note that snippets are not actually used during builds. The engine merely imports all files in the configured Snippets folder as an example of what could potentially be a useful extension if it were to be implemented.)

The sample consists of four files located in the project's Engines folder:
  • TeamBuildEngine.cs
  • TeamBuildEngineProvider.cs
  • TeamProjectOptions.cs
  • TeamSettings.cs
DocProject requires build engine provider plug-ins to be installed in the global assembly cache (GAC). For this reason the project is configured to execute a post-build event that adds the assembly to the GAC automatically:

"$(DevEnvDir)..\..\SDK\v2.0\Bin\gacutil" /f /i "$(TargetPath)"

If the assembly already exists then it will be updated with the latest build. If you are testing the provider in another instance of Visual Studio then you must restart the testing instance of Visual Studio to load the latest version of the assembly.

MethodOverloadsTopicFilter Sample

This sample does not currently have a corresponding tutorial. The code provides a working example of a custom dynamic topic filter that can be used in the Topic Filters tool window.

The filter matches all overloaded methods. It illustrates the different behaviors when a dynamic filter is applied during help builds and when applying a filter manually using the Topic Filters tool window.

The sample consists of four files located in the project's Filters folder:
  • MethodOverloadsTopicFilter.cs
  • MethodOverloadsTopicFilterEditor.cs
  • MethodOverloadsTopicFilterEditor.designer.cs
  • MethodOverloadsTopicFilterEditor.resx
To use the sample filter:
  1. Build the project.
  2. Open another instance of Visual Studio and load an existing DocProject or DocSite.
  3. Open Topic Explorer and click the filter button to open the Topic Filters tool window.
    1. Alternatively, you can open the Topic Management dialog instead.
  4. Focus the Saved Filters tab and click the add button (a green plus sign).
  5. Click the Browse... button and open the assembly that was built by this sample. Method Overloads Filter will be added to the Available list.
  6. Double-click the filter and it will be added to the Selected list.
  7. Click OK and the filter will be added to the Saved Filters list.
  8. Edit, load or apply the filter to test it. You can also build the project to test it as a dynamic filter that executes during help builds.

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