DocToMaml 1.0 Beta

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Released: Apr 19, 2008
Updated: Apr 19, 2008 by davedev
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Application DocToMaml 1.0 Beta (ZIP)
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Documentation Compiled Help File (DocToMaml Help.chm)
documentation, 93K, uploaded Apr 19, 2008 - 289 downloads

Release Notes

DocToMaml is a tool that converts HTML and XHTML help files to Microsoft Assistance Markup Language (MAML) in a batch process.

MAML help files are used by DocProject and Sandcastle to build user documentation in various presentation styles.

This beta release provides a project-based graphical user interface (GUI) for adding inputs and defining conversion rules to quickly and easily convert HTML files into MAML. Future releases will provide more flexibility for defining rules, but the beta can still be used to greatly decrease the amount of effort that would be required to convert large numbers of HTML files into MAML, compared to doing it manually.

In This Release

The following files are available for download.

DocToMaml 1.0 Beta (ZIP)
This ZIP file contains the application and dependencies. Installation is not required.
  • DocToMaml.exe: The DocToMaml application.
    • The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5 is required.
  • DocToMaml.exe.config: Application configuration file.
  • DaveSexton.Controls.HtmlEditor.dll: Provides HTML to XML conversion functionality and the WYSIWYG HTML editor that is used on the Source tab.
    • This assembly is a required dependency of the application.
Compiled Help File (DocToMaml Help.chm)
DocToMaml will look for the compiled help file (DocToMaml Help.chm) in the same directory as the program when you press F1 or select any of the Help menu items, although it is not required. If the help file doesn't exist then the program will prompt you to browse for it.

Getting Started

To get started using DocToMaml, follow these steps.
  1. Download the DocToMaml 1.0 Beta (ZIP) file and extract its contents to a folder on your local computer. The exact location doesn't matter, although [My Documents]\DocToMaml is recommended.
  2. Optionally, download Compiled Help File (DocToMaml Help.chm) and place it in the folder with the executable.
  3. Optionally, create the default project folder on your computer: [My Documents]\DocToMaml\Projects
  4. Run the application.
    1. To start the program in UI mode, double-click DocToMaml.exe.
      1. Note: If you haven't used this program before then you must start in UI mode first since an existing project file is required for the command-line mode.
      2. If you've downloaded the compiled help file, press F1 and read the Getting Started topic for further guidance.
    2. To start the program in command-line mode, specify the -convert switch and the full path to a DocToMaml project file, in quotes.
      1. Warning: If the project file does not specify an output folder then all of the MAML topics are saved to the current directory. To set an output folder in the project, run at least one batch conversion in the UI and save the changes to the project.
      2. Example: DocToMaml.exe -convert "c:\myproj.d2m"
      3. Example: DocToMaml.exe -help

Features and Limitations

Please see the DocToMaml wiki for a list of the features and the current limitations in this release.

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