Sandcastle Build Component Templates 1.1

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Released: Feb 12, 2008
Updated: Feb 12, 2008 by davedev
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Example Basic Sandcastle Build Component Template (C#)
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Example Hosted Sandcastle Build Component Template (C#)
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Release Notes

This release consists of two distinct Visual Studio Item Templates (C#) that can help developers to create custom Sandcastle build components that work with or without automation tools and take advantage of editor support in DocProject and the Sandcastle Help File Builder.

See How To Use Third-Party Sandcastle Components in DocProject for information on DocProject's support for custom build components.

Installation Instructions

Download one or both of the ZIP files and copy them (without unzipping) to your Visual Studio Item Templates folder, commonly found at:
  • %userprofile%\My Documents\Visual Studio YYYY\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual C#
or on Vista:
  • %userprofile%\Documents\Visual Studio YYYY\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual C#
Replace YYYY with either 2005 or 2008, depending upon the version of Visual Studio that you are using.

Important: Visual Studio requires a ZIP file so do not unzip them here.

Basic Sandcastle Build Component

The basic template provides a foundation on which authors can create a custom build component for use with or without the Sandcastle Help File Builder or DocProject. It also provides a working implementation that can take advantage of optional features in DocProject, such as dynamic sub properties.

Hosted Sandcastle Build Component

The second item template is the same as the first, but it's also designed to take advantage of host-specific services in the component's editor when a host is available.


There is no dependency on DocProject to build and execute components created using the Basic template.
There is no dependency on DocProject to execute components created using the Hosted template; however, DocProject must be installed on the development machine to build components created using the Hosted template since it references DocProject-specific interfaces and types.

Two components, based on each of the templates, were tested in an environment where DocProject was not installed: they both functioned properly when executed and each modal editor dialog worked correctly when invoked using the static ConfigureComponent method.

Getting Started

See Sandcastle Build Component Templates for more information and instructions.

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