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Release Notes for the DocProject 1.3.0 Release Candidate

Please read this document carefully before attempting to install DocProject.

Upgrade: Installing Over a Previous Release

If you will be installing DocProject over a previous release then you must first:
  1. Close all instances of Visual Studio, including pre-2005 versions.
  2. Locate the template files and the Add-In file and manually delete them.
  3. Uninstall the Add-In assembly from the GAC.
For more information see How To Uninstall DocProject.

After you completely uninstall earlier versions of DocProject you may install the 1.3.0 RC of DocProject.

Note: Do not use DocProjects or DocSites that you've created using previous versions of DocProject since they may not be compatible with the latest release.


The Windows Installer package (.msi) installs the templates, Add-In and the complete source code, including the Visual Studio solution and project files. Download the installation package to your local computer and double-click it to begin the installation, after you've uninstalled all earlier versions of DocProject that you may have on your system.

Instructions for installation, configuration and general usage can be found in the How To... wiki.

  • The .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 are required.
  • Express editions of Visual Studio 2005 are not supported.
  • This release does not install Sandcastle or any of the software on which it depends. See How To Install and Configure Sandcastle for more information. DocProject requires Sandcastle and its dependencies to be installed.
  • With the 1.3.0 RC installer you can now change the default installation directory if you'd like.
  • Uninstalling the 1.3.0 RC now completely removes DocProject from your system, including all assemblies installed in the GAC, the Visual Studio Add-In and the project templates.


  1. Unlike previous versions of DocProject, the latest version is automatically configured for building compiled help for multiple projects in the same solution. However, the default installation of Sandcastle requires a small modification in order to build documentation that includes your projects' xml documentation files. For more information see How To Install And Configure Sandcastle.
  2. Existing DocProjects and DocSites created for earlier versions of DocProject might not be compatible and should not be used.

Installation on Vista

Please note that due to UAC security, installing DocProject on Vista requires some manual steps:

(Note: If you have UAC disabled then the following steps might not be required)
  1. Make sure that all instances of Visual Studio are closed before attempting to install DocProject.
  2. Browse to All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
    1. Right-mouse click.
    2. Select Run as administrator.
  3. You may have to accept the UAC dialog or enter an administrative user name and password to continue.
  4. Change the current directory to where you have downloaded the installer. Example: cd C:\Users\[your name]\Desktop\
  5. Run the following command to install DocProject: msiexec /i DaveSexton.DocProject.Installer.msi

New Features

The 1.3.0 RC of DocProject provides bug fixes and numerous features. A list of these features can be found on the Home page.

One of the most interesting new features are the updates to the original DocSite templates, in Visual C# and Visual Basic, which now provide an ASP.NET Web Application project that builds a fully-functional website for your project documentation.

To quickly get started using DocProject to build a DocSite, see the Creating a DocSite-Quick Start tutorial.
For more information about DocSite templates see DocSite Templates.
For more information about templates in general see DocProject Templates.

Important Notes on DocSite Templates:
  • An update to Visual Studio 2005 may be required to use the DocSite templates. For more information see How To Configure Visual Studio 2005 For DocProject.
  • Users may experience difficulty in viewing the compiled help file (.chm) via the Download Compiled Help link in the DocSite header. The issue, and a workaround, is explained here: DocSite Templates, Windows Security Issue.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and earlier browsers are not supported for websites generated by DocSite templates.

Source Code

The Visual Studio solution and projects that are installed along with DocProject have been tested on multiple systems in an attempt to make them usable, out-of-the-box.

For help using DocProject's Visual Studio solution and projects, see How To Use The Source Code.

DSZip Utility

DSZip is no longer required to build the Add-In project in the 1.3.0 RC.

Download and install the DSZip utility if you plan on using the supplied Visual Studio solution to build the Visual Studio Content Installer file (.vsi) or the Windows Installer package (.msi) using the new project that is dedicated to performing this task: DaveSexton.DocProject.InstallPrep.

If you are not planning on using the solution file or projects to build the installers, or if you're not even planning on using the source code at all, then you do not need the DSZip utility.

For more information, see How To Use The Source Code, Projects.


Thanks for your interest in DocProject.

Please tell us what you think about DocProject and your ideas on how we can improve its usefulness to you and your organization: Feedback

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