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How To Configure Visual Studio 2005 For DocProject

No particular configuration is required to start using DocProject templates immediately.

However, if you are planning to use the DocSite templates in Visual Studio 2005 then an additional installation may be required. See below for more information.


The Add-In must be loaded and enabled for DocProject to provide Visual Studio extensions. The templates must be installed properly, into the appropriate directories, so they are visible in the Add New Project dialog.

These requirements are accomplished by the installer and do not require any manual steps. If for some reason the Add-In or the templates aren't being acknowledged by Visual Studio, then executing the Visual Studio Content Installer package found in Start > DocProject > Resources should correct the problem. (The shortcut points to a file in the installed Resources folder, commonly C:\Program Files\Dave Sexton\DocProject\Resources.)

Note: Visual Studio Express editions cannot use the Add-In. The DocProject External UI provides most of the same functionality though.

If you are experiencing other problems, please see How To Diagnose And Resolve Issues.

Using DocSite Templates In Visual Studio 2005

DocSite templates (DocSites) are based on an ASP.NET Web Application project. Web Application projects are different from Web Site projects. Web Site projects are created using the New Web Site command whereas Web Application projects are created by opening the New Project dialog and selecting a Web Application template. Your installation of Visual Studio 2005 may require an update to use Web Application projects and the DocSite templates:

Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1

Note: Visual Studio 2008 has built-in support for Web Application project templates so no additional installation is required.

If you're not sure whether you will need to download and install the update then try creating a new project based on a DocSite template. Visual Studio will let you know if you need the upgrade with a message indicating that the project type is not supported. For help creating a new DocProject or DocSite, see the tutorial: Creating a DocProject for a new solution.

For more information about DocSites, see DocSite Templates.

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