How To Install and Configure Sandcastle

See the Latest Release Notes for a link to the currently supported version of Sandcastle.

Download Sandcastle and follow the installer's instructions. Typically, no manual setup will be required, although if you have installed or plan to install a Visual Studio SDK then read the warning below.

Warning: The Visual Studio SDKs install an older Sandcastle CTP

If you install the Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 SDKs then you will have to remove the DXROOT user environment variable that is created by the SDK installer. The CTP is installed to a different location so it does not actually replace the latest release of Sandcastle if it's installed prior; however, if the DXROOT user environment variable is not removed manually then DocProject will use the older CTP of Sandcastle. The latest release of Sandcastle creates DXROOT as a system environment variable.

For more information, see Latest Release Notes, SDK.

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